Dragon Coast Book VI

Session 109
Thausimbel's Rest

Divine Fortune finish off the Ghost Knights guarding Thausimbel’s Tomb and quickly explore the rest of the area. They find little but more sunken relief images until they hit the northern end of the tomb, where twelve more ghosts are waiting, watching a portal.

Half the ghosts attack them, the other half guard the portal, and during the battle the Shadow Moot appear from the portal and also attack. However, Divine Fortune are a well honed team, and had plenty in reserve to meet the threat. Taedor laid down some very effective Black Tentacles, and Peccable hit them with Rain of Embers. Ibis took a bit of a beating, but Ngaw Mlum made short work of any threat.

In the room beyond, they find a Temple of Jergal, and below, the final resting place of King Thausimbel the Wise and Shadarra the Fair. More importantly, they find a magically protected text “On Temporary and Permanent Mythallar Disablement” which after careful study may well prove to be at least powerful leverage against the Shade City. Calednei is of course delighted.

XP: 35k ea

[well played people!]

Session 108
Thausimbel's Welcome

Divine Fortune spend a good few hours getting though a series of heavily trapped rooms. A lesser party, and more to the point, a party without Ibis would not have fared so well. While Ibis spent much of the time carefully searching his way along corridors and through rooms, the rest of the party spent time admiring the massive images carved in sunken relief in the various rooms.

At last though, they make it down a further level, and start exploring, only to be set upon by ancient Ghost Knights, and although they are not evil and seem quite organised, they clearly do not want anyone here. Peccable plays to his strength here with good use of turning, saving the party from certain harm.

XP: 23680 ea

Session 107
Tomb's Entrance

Divine Fortune work their way through some more of the gem mines, stopping briefly to teleport back for supplies, mostly adamantine, before returning to destroy three more golems: this time, iron golems.

Shortly afterwards they are faced with a magical lock which requires the solving of a puzzle before it can be opened, which they complete fairly quickly. (Thanks to Andrew, our resident puzzle grandmaster.)

Below the puzzle-lock is an empty earthen floor room, under which they eventually uncover the official entrance to the tomb of Thausimbel the Wise and his daughter, Queen Shaddara the Fair. The entrance leads down a cursed tunnel to a room full of pit traps, which Ibis identifies fairly quickly…

XP: 15360

Session 106
Phaerimm and Beholders

The few phaerimm found didn’t pose too much of a problem for Divine Fortune and were made short work of, but the beholders that came floating around the corner were a bit more of a problem. Ibis found himself in deep trouble at one point, finding himself on the end of some sort of distintegration ray from one of the eye stalks of the evil aberrations. In the end, three beholders were down, the pile of rough uncut gems was scooped up, and they continued searching the mines. The beholders were driving a sorry looking bunch of orcs to chip away at the walls, and the relieved orcs were happy to hear that they would be released as soon as the mines were made safe and told Divine Fortune of the little they knew. Shortly afterwards, two huge iron golems were found guarding a passage, and Divine Fortune were told they “may not pass”, and that their “blood was wrong.” The barbarian, Ngaw Mlum took hold of the adamantine blade of Ezequiel, and a battle of heavy strokes continued until a bloodied Ngaw Mlum had both the brutes cut to pieces.

Xp 25600

Session 105
Scouring the gem mines

Divine Fortune head into the gem mines under the city. The spend some time searching by foot before getting frankly bored with the whole thing and having Taedor send out some Prying Eyes to get a better map of the place. After some time, most of the eyes come back to report, although there were a few passages that the eyes did not return from. Heading straight for the deepest place in the mine that this was the case, Ibis quickly spots, and is spotted by, a Phaerimm. Ibis shoots first and it squeals and moves out of sight…

Session 104
Sahbuti and Diedora escape

Taedor turns off the Mythallar’s teleportation barring field and, immediately, Diedora and another member of the Shadow Moot, Sahbuti of the Dark Moon, teleport in along with some more shade rogues. Diedora claims she had a good idea Divine Fortune were down here, and instructs Sahbuti to “kill them all” before teleporting back from whence she came. Sahbuti seems confident, but is quickly whipped up into the storm of Chathi’s air elemental form, and Peccable casts him blind along with most of the shades. He also uses a teleport-like effect to escape.

Divine Fortune turn back on the teleport-barring field, and begin to look deeper into the options of the Mythallar control system. They work out how to connect portals and disable the security field surrounding the tower they had found previously, which gives them all they need in order to get to “Greeth’s Treasures” a room containing many real and pseudo magic items. There is much rejoicing.

One of the items, however, turns out to be cursed. The “Rings of Companionship” they put on are unable to be removed, and they each know that the first one to speak certain words can gain significant extra power, but at everyone else’s expense. Divine Fortune are strong though, and no-one takes the offer. Taedor is eventually able to suspend the curse of the rings, and they are discarded with disdain.

Finally, the portal to the Gem Mines is connected, and they are on their way to the next part of their quest.

XP: 10240 ea

Session 103
Ramos the Summoner

Divine Fortune make quick work of Ramos and three more Shades. Two Shades survive to be questioned, and Ibis is a little peeved that he killed Ramos so thoroughly.

In the hour following, Peccable prays for a Legend Lore spell, and learns some of the history and power of the Mythallar above them. It is a truly massive structure, an artifact of ages past.

With this little bit more knowledge, Taedor touches the pulsing Mythallar support coloumn, and “interfaces” with the power of the ancient artifact. He is presented with a series of textual options floating in space in front of him, that only he can see. Unfortunately, he cannot read the language of the High Netherese, but Ibis is able to translate the draconic script for him. It appears to be a control system for the Mythallar, giving access to the anti-teleport field, portals and security fields to name a few.

XP: 10240 ea

Session 102
Finding Ramos

After some Wind Walking and Teleporting, Jalana Ramondo is delivered to a secure cell under Caladnei’s care.

Divine Fortune continue their search through the tunnels, and come across a tower protected by a very strong wall of force. Chathi as an Earth Elemental is able to search all around the exterior of it, but unable to find any way in. The magic is also clearly too powerful to dispel.

Further in, they find an anti-magic room, glittering with tiles, and in it hanging upside down is a strange man. After getting him down, Gowallian is asked a few questions, but it becomes quickly clear that he is a crazy man. He’s been living in these tunnels for twenty years, and it frankly shows. Clearly the shadowvar strung him up as he is a spellcaster of sorts. Before they let him go, Peccable cures him of all his ills, but this includes his insanity, and afterwards, Gowallian is not pleased because he “used to be happy”. He is left to deal with his new state of mind and fly off.

Soon after, Divine Fortune find the Mythallar, but only get to see small portions of it’s surface of strongly glowing light. In a cavern underneath it, they find Ramos the Summoner, and some more shades. Time for more diplomacy?

Session 101
Meeting Jalana Ramondo

Divine fortune very carefully plan and strategise their meeting with Jalana Ramondo and his two Shade friends. They Wind Walk up the various tunnels, to the bottom of the last vertical tube, and there wait while Ibis goes in to the auditorium as an invisible gas and detects three magic auras and a wind elemental lying in wait.

Then after Ibis returns to explain, they all enter the auditorium just in time to see the wind elemental disperse, and Chathi as an earth elemental spring from the wall to rain earthy fists of brick into the Shades.

The battle goes well, Jalana’s spells foiled by Ibis’s ranged attacks, and Peccable dispelling the Antilife Shell. In the end, Jalana isn’t even confident he can escape in a changed form, gets down on his knees, dispells his magic, and surrenders.

XP: 10240 ea

Session 100
Amazandar, City of Gems

Divine Fortune fight off the huge Ice Elementals with ease, thanks mostly to Taedor and Peccable using Banishment and Dismissal. Then it was up the final dune to the entrance to supposed settled floating Netherese city, Amazandar, City of Gems.

The entrance was found to be a small wooden lined room, closed off by two massive stone doors, seemingly all held together magically. A massively deep 10' wide tunnel was found leading almost straight down. Taedor's pseudodragon went down exploring, and noticed after 500' or so, an alarm spell near the end of the tube, followed by a small drop into a room below. After returning, Ibis then went down and disabled the probable trap, and then dropped quietly into the room below. More tunnels. The rest tried to dimension door down, but found that didn't work, so feather fall was used instead.

Everyone down safe, Ezequiel sniffed out a recent trail of some humanoids down one of the tunnels, and Taedor sent an Arcane Eye off in that direction. After several vertical shafts, the Eye sees a great chamber, where their old enemy Jalana Ramondo, and some shadowvar are, well, doing very little. The chamber has some massive artwork depicting the ancient city which Taedor describes to the others before Jalana notices the intrusion and Taedor kills the Eye.

XP: 15,360 ea


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