Dragon Coast Book VI

Session 100

Amazandar, City of Gems

Divine Fortune fight off the huge Ice Elementals with ease, thanks mostly to Taedor and Peccable using Banishment and Dismissal. Then it was up the final dune to the entrance to supposed settled floating Netherese city, Amazandar, City of Gems.

The entrance was found to be a small wooden lined room, closed off by two massive stone doors, seemingly all held together magically. A massively deep 10' wide tunnel was found leading almost straight down. Taedor's pseudodragon went down exploring, and noticed after 500' or so, an alarm spell near the end of the tube, followed by a small drop into a room below. After returning, Ibis then went down and disabled the probable trap, and then dropped quietly into the room below. More tunnels. The rest tried to dimension door down, but found that didn't work, so feather fall was used instead.

Everyone down safe, Ezequiel sniffed out a recent trail of some humanoids down one of the tunnels, and Taedor sent an Arcane Eye off in that direction. After several vertical shafts, the Eye sees a great chamber, where their old enemy Jalana Ramondo, and some shadowvar are, well, doing very little. The chamber has some massive artwork depicting the ancient city which Taedor describes to the others before Jalana notices the intrusion and Taedor kills the Eye.

XP: 15,360 ea



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