Dragon Coast Book VI

Session 101

Meeting Jalana Ramondo

Divine fortune very carefully plan and strategise their meeting with Jalana Ramondo and his two Shade friends. They Wind Walk up the various tunnels, to the bottom of the last vertical tube, and there wait while Ibis goes in to the auditorium as an invisible gas and detects three magic auras and a wind elemental lying in wait.

Then after Ibis returns to explain, they all enter the auditorium just in time to see the wind elemental disperse, and Chathi as an earth elemental spring from the wall to rain earthy fists of brick into the Shades.

The battle goes well, Jalana’s spells foiled by Ibis’s ranged attacks, and Peccable dispelling the Antilife Shell. In the end, Jalana isn’t even confident he can escape in a changed form, gets down on his knees, dispells his magic, and surrenders.

XP: 10240 ea



Where is the Mythaller? Where is Ramas the Summoner? Are any of the other members of the Shadow Moot involved?

Session 101

What is the grand plan?

Session 101

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