Dragon Coast Book VI

Session 102

Finding Ramos

After some Wind Walking and Teleporting, Jalana Ramondo is delivered to a secure cell under Caladnei’s care.

Divine Fortune continue their search through the tunnels, and come across a tower protected by a very strong wall of force. Chathi as an Earth Elemental is able to search all around the exterior of it, but unable to find any way in. The magic is also clearly too powerful to dispel.

Further in, they find an anti-magic room, glittering with tiles, and in it hanging upside down is a strange man. After getting him down, Gowallian is asked a few questions, but it becomes quickly clear that he is a crazy man. He’s been living in these tunnels for twenty years, and it frankly shows. Clearly the shadowvar strung him up as he is a spellcaster of sorts. Before they let him go, Peccable cures him of all his ills, but this includes his insanity, and afterwards, Gowallian is not pleased because he “used to be happy”. He is left to deal with his new state of mind and fly off.

Soon after, Divine Fortune find the Mythallar, but only get to see small portions of it’s surface of strongly glowing light. In a cavern underneath it, they find Ramos the Summoner, and some more shades. Time for more diplomacy?



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