Dragon Coast Book VI

Session 103

Ramos the Summoner

Divine Fortune make quick work of Ramos and three more Shades. Two Shades survive to be questioned, and Ibis is a little peeved that he killed Ramos so thoroughly.

In the hour following, Peccable prays for a Legend Lore spell, and learns some of the history and power of the Mythallar above them. It is a truly massive structure, an artifact of ages past.

With this little bit more knowledge, Taedor touches the pulsing Mythallar support coloumn, and “interfaces” with the power of the ancient artifact. He is presented with a series of textual options floating in space in front of him, that only he can see. Unfortunately, he cannot read the language of the High Netherese, but Ibis is able to translate the draconic script for him. It appears to be a control system for the Mythallar, giving access to the anti-teleport field, portals and security fields to name a few.

XP: 10240 ea



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