Dragon Coast Book VI

Session 104

Sahbuti and Diedora escape

Taedor turns off the Mythallar’s teleportation barring field and, immediately, Diedora and another member of the Shadow Moot, Sahbuti of the Dark Moon, teleport in along with some more shade rogues. Diedora claims she had a good idea Divine Fortune were down here, and instructs Sahbuti to “kill them all” before teleporting back from whence she came. Sahbuti seems confident, but is quickly whipped up into the storm of Chathi’s air elemental form, and Peccable casts him blind along with most of the shades. He also uses a teleport-like effect to escape.

Divine Fortune turn back on the teleport-barring field, and begin to look deeper into the options of the Mythallar control system. They work out how to connect portals and disable the security field surrounding the tower they had found previously, which gives them all they need in order to get to “Greeth’s Treasures” a room containing many real and pseudo magic items. There is much rejoicing.

One of the items, however, turns out to be cursed. The “Rings of Companionship” they put on are unable to be removed, and they each know that the first one to speak certain words can gain significant extra power, but at everyone else’s expense. Divine Fortune are strong though, and no-one takes the offer. Taedor is eventually able to suspend the curse of the rings, and they are discarded with disdain.

Finally, the portal to the Gem Mines is connected, and they are on their way to the next part of their quest.

XP: 10240 ea



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