Dragon Coast Book VI

Session 109

Thausimbel's Rest

Divine Fortune finish off the Ghost Knights guarding Thausimbel’s Tomb and quickly explore the rest of the area. They find little but more sunken relief images until they hit the northern end of the tomb, where twelve more ghosts are waiting, watching a portal.

Half the ghosts attack them, the other half guard the portal, and during the battle the Shadow Moot appear from the portal and also attack. However, Divine Fortune are a well honed team, and had plenty in reserve to meet the threat. Taedor laid down some very effective Black Tentacles, and Peccable hit them with Rain of Embers. Ibis took a bit of a beating, but Ngaw Mlum made short work of any threat.

In the room beyond, they find a Temple of Jergal, and below, the final resting place of King Thausimbel the Wise and Shadarra the Fair. More importantly, they find a magically protected text “On Temporary and Permanent Mythallar Disablement” which after careful study may well prove to be at least powerful leverage against the Shade City. Calednei is of course delighted.

XP: 35k ea

[well played people!]



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