Servant of Mystra, Dealer of Death


Str 12 Dex 20 (26) Con 10 Int 18 Wis 12 Chr 12

AC 27 (30) Touch 20 (23) +1 Dodge, +8 Against AOO

Intitative +10

Fort 7 Reflex 16 Will 7

BAB 10/5

CMB 18 CMD 29

Jumping Cutlass +3 Att +21/+16 Damage 1D6+4(+3) Sneak (+4D6)

Sacred Mighty Comp Shortbow +2 Att +20/+15 (30’ +21/+16) Damage 1D6+3 + Sneak (+4D6) + Undead (+1D6) + Evil Outsider (+2D6)


Ibis is a descendant of Set. He has green, slightly scaly skin, dark hair and red glowing eyes. He bares Set’s mark on his shoulder – a coiled snake. He hides his appearance with a hat of disguise and is a master of stealth on the battlefield.

Ibis is the last remaining original member of Divine Fortune. Brought up a prisoner in a secret temple dedicated to his ancestor, Ibis escaped the clutches of Set cultists in Mulhorand and took to the high seas in search of a better life. He was a stowaway on a merchant ship that fell to pirates. The pirates chose to attack another ship whilst he was in bounds and it was during this battle that he met his life long friend and mentor Lorenzo. Lorenzo and Ibis eventually landed at Westgate where they rose to prominence by taking on drug dealers, demon cultist and a wicked sorcerer with a fetish for spiders known as Lothulind. Divine Fortunes grew in numbers with member coming and going, and regrettably, some falling. Lorenzo retired safely and is now a dedicated priest of Mystra. Ibis followed Lorenzo’s path in religion and is passionate about magic and the weave, although this passion outstrips his knowledge and power.

Know throughout Westgate as one of Divine Fortune who put an end to the great plague of 1372, he is happy that the group has decided to help Caladnei of Cormyr in their fight against the Shades, and Mystra’s enemy, Shar.

Ibis wishes to even the score with Diedora who blackmailed Divine Fortune into doing her dirty work. He also has unfinished business with a Shadow Druid named Ramondo, and a new enemy Ioucaldia, the powerful shade cleric that seemed to be behind the fall of Tilverton.


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