History Lesson from Calednei

Since we met last, we have learned more about the floating City of Shade and related events.

Although the city of shade is now our greatest threat, it seems it was brought back in order to save us. Galaeron of Evereska discovered a band of humans using a Beholder to dig a tunnel from an elven burial chamber to the Sharn Wall to meet with this Melegaunt of whom you have already heard. Melagaunt turned out to be a Prince of the City of Shade.

The discovery was not met with pleasure by the Evereskans, and in the ensuing battle, the clash of shadow magic and weave magic caused a breach in the Sharn Wall, releasing this deadly race of creatures upon Faerun once more.

The Phaerimm quickly took hold of Evereska, and afterwards Galaeron agreed to help Melegaunt return the City of Shade as the only hope of defeating, or at least holding back these powerful and truly evil creatures from enslaving us all. They traveled to Karse in the High Forest where they retrieved the Karse Stone, the artifact required for the city’s return, and although Melegaunt was killed in the battle with its keepers, Galaeron was able to complete the summoning.

I won’t bore you with all the battle details, suffice to say the City of Shade indeed defeated and held back the Phaerimm such that while they still remain a threat, that threat is not dire for Faerun. However, the City of Shade now appears to be running its own agenda withdrawing help in the fight against the Phaerimm laying siege to Evereska and laying claim to the whole of Anauroch, the ancient home of their ancestors, the Netherese. Worse news,

Galaeron himself came to me with proof that the Shades have been using their advanced art to melt the High Ice in order to make Anauroch fertile, regardless of the suffering and death the flooding and climate change would produce.

Last year, I established a network of defensible canyons below Shade with a view to a siege and assault on the city, but before we could fully mobilize, the Shades marched on us and utterly destroyed Tilverton.

There has been a separate undercover attempt by our allies to bring down the City of Shade, literally, the details of which I cannot disclose for security reasons of course, and although they were not successful in their primary mission, they were able to cause some of the magic melting the High Ice to cease, so that effect has now lessened. More recently, Galaeron helped the coalition of High Mages restore power to Evereskan defenses, and routed the Phaerimm from their borders.

But all is not well. We have a severe drought, causing all sort of suffering of our people and economic problems. We must somehow fully stop the magic melting the High Ice and secure border and peace agreements from the City of Shade at the very least. History tells us the Netherese had control of much of Faerun and it’s highly likely the City of Shade would like to return to that time of conquest. There are also concerns that the Phaerimm will regroup and attack us anew. So. Are you willing to provide your services to Cormyr in this time of probably temporary and finely balanced peace in the interest of securing a more stable situation?

History Lesson from Calednei

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