Printed Lecture from Elminster

At the end of last year Faerun was in great danger. The Sharn Wall had been breached by forces unknown releasing most of the imprisoned Phaerimm. They united a dark force and assaulted the Elven city of Evereska.

In my investigations to the cause of the breach I tracked a mage known as Melegaunt and his party through the Hugh Forest to the Dire Wood. His magic was difficult to detect, counter and dispell. We were in an area of Wild Magic so it is difficult for me to speak on specifics. Through the use of some powerful magic, and I suspect the use of some arcane remnant from Karsus’s remains that lie in the centre of the wood, the floating Netherese City of Shade appeared above the wood then drifted to Anauroch. The fate of Melegaunt is unknown.

From the histories, and what we have been able to divine, we know that floating cities were commonplace in Netheril. The City of Shade was shifted to the Plane of Shadow just before the Weave failed and the rest of Netheril fell to it’s destruction. Over the many years existing in the Plane of Shadow some of the inhabitants have been infused with Shadowstuff and they appear dark and grayish. The Netherese are powerful wizard warriors and we were fortunate to share a common enemy in the Phaerimm. Without their help on the battle field all of Faerun may have fallen – the details of this battle I’m reluctant to tell.

What the Netherese now want we can only speculate, however they have reclaimed Anauroch as their own.

Printed Lecture from Elminster

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