Dragon Coast Book VI

Session 106

Phaerimm and Beholders

The few phaerimm found didn’t pose too much of a problem for Divine Fortune and were made short work of, but the beholders that came floating around the corner were a bit more of a problem. Ibis found himself in deep trouble at one point, finding himself on the end of some sort of distintegration ray from one of the eye stalks of the evil aberrations. In the end, three beholders were down, the pile of rough uncut gems was scooped up, and they continued searching the mines. The beholders were driving a sorry looking bunch of orcs to chip away at the walls, and the relieved orcs were happy to hear that they would be released as soon as the mines were made safe and told Divine Fortune of the little they knew. Shortly afterwards, two huge iron golems were found guarding a passage, and Divine Fortune were told they “may not pass”, and that their “blood was wrong.” The barbarian, Ngaw Mlum took hold of the adamantine blade of Ezequiel, and a battle of heavy strokes continued until a bloodied Ngaw Mlum had both the brutes cut to pieces.

Xp 25600



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